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Founded in 2005 in Johannesburg, South Africa, Neology is the African leader in software solutions, managed services and design specialists for the ISP and telecommunications industry.


Neology's authCENTRAL solution provides a quick bootstrap for providers needing a billing and RADIUS system as a hosted service.


Network integration, software development and ISP solutions

  • AAA
  • Billing
  • Caches
  • LNS
Neology is a Cisco partner and can provide planning and solutions for service provider networks. We provide consulting and design services all  the way from SCE traffic management to complex distribution networks for WiMAX and carrier networks.  


Multisource acquires Neology

October 2013, Johannesburg, South Africa
The underlying requirement for a hyper-connected federation of networks is the ability to communicate at the internet protocol (IP) level as well as to effectively provision, authenticate and bill in this “ubiquitous world”. If everything is connected then the unique identifier is a digital passport or identity. Multisource decided to acquire Neology – a specialist and well respected company in “plumbing” of IP networks. In addition Neology brings the skills, product portfolio and engineering required for authentication and provisioning.

“Neology is now fully integrated into Multisource and is already having a significant impact in the capabilities of the business and its offering to its customers” – Conrad Leigh, Managing Director, Multisource

“Neology is excited to join Multisource and their team, we are together becoming a force to be reckoned with within the African Communications space” – Regardt van de Vyver, Managing Director, Neology




telco products

professional consulting

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Over 12 products and solutions to the industry

ranging from

  • caching
  • radius
  • billing
  • l2tp termination

Our professional consulting services

supply you with the best advice and solutions possible

authCentral is a managed RADIUS and billing platform that allows you to scale your network without breaking the bank


Neology was formed by a group of highly skilled professionals seeking to develop innovative technical network solutions.

Neology provides network solutions for the ISP and Enterprise market. There is a collective experience of 40+ years between the core solution engineers including application service provider, development, network management and networking solutions.

Neology has experience in Wireless networking, Cisco equipment, IP networking, high availability web, database systems (including Oracle, and DB2), RADIUS authentication servers, Telkom virtual ISP configurations, IPWireless, Wimax, embedded systems development and open source software.

We work with clients and partners to produce technically superior, cost effective solutions with a view to long-term, mutually profitable relationships. When our clients thrive, we thrive. We also believe in a ‘fanatical support philosophy’, which means every problem you give us will be solved. We take responsibility and pride in the work we do. Neology is an enabler. We make IT work.

We are a proud member of ISPA and uphold the ISPA Code of Conduct.